for the week of 11-4-12 through 11-10-12

Author Of The Week



my three favorite stories by twilight37:

  1. People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine  along with Life Makes Love Look Hard

These are the story of Bella and Edward who are highschoolers who make the decision to have a child, and how this affects them.

2.  Our First Easter

This is Bella, Edward, and Renesmee's first Easter together, All human and sooooo cute.

3. This Is Our Love Story

It is Bella and Edward's anniversary and Edward has gone hunting with Renesmee, Bella sits at the piano and tries something out.


So check out  twilight37 'cuz their awesome!

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Week of 10-21-12 through 10-28-12

Author Of The Week

The author of the week was:


My three favorite stories by her are:

1) Edward's Condidence

2)Twilight Moon - My life with Edward Cullen

3) The principle's daughter

She is also my beta for Alice Goes Shopping, so a round of applause to karencullen2007!!

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