04/22/2014 12:56

Okay...I know...don't hit mw with pebbles (they hurt)

2 NEW stories have been published since I was here last - 

Bring Him Home (Hunger Games)

Raising The Littles (Twilight)



08/09/2013 17:26

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long - no I'm not dead. I haven't updated in a while but....sorry!

Ummmmm......nothing much to say.........okay 


Rosalie Hale was told to find something just as pretty or prettier than herself...

she came back with a mirror

yahhh thats pretty much all I got!

Luv Ya!



06/06/2013 16:46

School is out! Technically I get out tomorrow but...that's a giant field trip so it doesn't count! :) I am so so so so so so so so so so sorry! My computer broke so we sent it out to be fixed only to find out that it would cost over $900 to fix. 

(or the money)

So I have to get a new laptop, it's going to cost less to buy a new one. I am really hoping I can get a laptop ASAP because I haven't been able to write or anything - it sucks! So right now I'm using my dad's laptop but he doesn't have microsoft word and google docx is going to figgin' annoy the crap out of me if i have to use it....ugh! So ummmmm yeah. Until then I can only go on the web. His laptop is basically useless it's more of a netbook than a laptop even though it IS actually a yeah...............bye!


02/01/2013 23:08

New Story!



The vibrations wracked my body. It felt like I was exploding then I heard everyone. Their thoughts were a jumbled mess but if you focused you could hear individual voices with individual sentences and phrases. We were meeting with the Cullens today, discussing the treaty now that they’ve moved back to Forks. Then the impossible happened. I had imprinted on the enemy.


Up now, please read :)

Luv Ya'lls



01/24/2013 20:00

It feels like it's been such a long time time since I updated here. But today I wanted to tell you guys about the book Beautiful Creatures, which I am currently reading. I highly encourage you to dive into the serise as it is something that I think that you as a twihard may enjoy. It is almost a reverse Twilight. She is dangerous and moves to a small town. But she has a destiny/curse and it's actually really, really good. There is a movie coming out soon too.

these are some images ofthe book/movie. The book pictured last is the one I recently got.(it hasa poster)anyway.....

I also am going to be posting (soon!) another colab. story with my friend Anna - funsizedauthor which will be an all Twilight story so keep close watch!

this will be our cover for our story


01/09/2013 22:46

we won! we won! we won! yay! Twihards won bast fandom at the people's choice awards! yayz!



01/08/2013 21:43

New Story!!!!!! from the great minds of annabeth137 and edwardandbella4eva a twilight x harry potter story! 

Worlds Collide


When Renesmee finds out that she is a witch, she gets sent to Hogwarts. What happens when Renesmee and Hermione’s worlds collide? Collaborated story from the great minds of edwardandbella4eva and annabeth137.


story can be found on either of our profiles :)





01/05/2013 20:21

So, I now have a community on and so does my friend - FunSizedAuthor, check them out! please *really, really, really, really impressive even Alice would cave pouty face*



01/02/2013 19:16

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while but I've been pretty busy... How where your holidays? Mine rocked. I have posted January updates :) enjoy!




11/27/2012 17:50

I am no longer going to be doing "of the weeks" because it is so hard to choose and keep track of all the fanfictions that I read.

Also, we need to update some links! I now have a figment and tumblr

my (writing website - fanfictions and regular stories):

on here there is a story of mine called an invisible love, it is a regular story but I would really appreciate it if you read it and commented/heart it. I spend alot of time working on that story (more than I do for my fan fictions) so please! check it out!


now, just so you have all of my links in the same place, her is my


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