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Twilight Stories:

Alice Goes Shopping (Deleted)

What happens when Alice goes shopping? Alice and Rosalie drag Bella shopping. Post Breaking-Dawn. Rated T for good measure.

Dartmouth Cullens (Deleted)

Post BD. Bella and edward go to Dartmouth. Nessie is 6 mo. but looks 2. Join them on they're ride through college. Throughout the bumps and bruises to the sappy romance. Tanya, flirting, Cullens, wolves. What could go wrong? I smell trouble vampires, almost all canon coupling


The vibrations wracked my body. It felt like I was exploding then I heard everyone. Their thoughts were a jumbled mess but if you focused you could hear individual voices with individual sentences and phrases. We were meeting with the Cullens today, discussing the treaty now that they’ve moved back to Forks. Then the impossible happened. I had imprinted on the enemy.

Special Agent Isabella Gibbs (Deleted)

My name is Isabella Marie Gibbs, the daughter of NCIS special agent Leroy Gibbs and NCIS Director Jenny Sheppard-Gibbs. I am in the witness protection program because I witnessed the murder of my aunt and cousin by a man named Ari. Now he's dead and I can come out of hiding, but there's one problem, his name is Edward Cullen. (crossover obviously)

He Dosen't Know

Bella Swan is not who Edward Cullen thinks she is. She's a wizard, the most powerful in the immortal world. She has more power than the Volturi. Oh, did I mention? She's the queen of the immortal world? (crossover, wizard's of waverly place)

World's Collide

When Renesmee finds out that she is a witch, she gets sent to Hogwarts. What happens when Renesmee and Hermione’s worlds collide? Collaborated story from the great minds of edwardandbella4eva and annabeth137. (crossover,  harry potter)

Taking Chances

based on the song by Celine Dion, Bella is trying to run away from reality when she meets Edward Cullen and suddenly her whole life changes. One-shot

Raising The Littles
In a blink of an eye you can lose the one most important to you. One text, 5 seconds spent not looking at the road can change your life forever. Bella and Edward have been dating for 4 years and are 17 years old,  getting ready to welcome their first child into the world when everything goes wrong.

Non - Twilight

An Almost Warriors Story

I wrote this as a school assignment this past year, I hope you like it. One-shot. (Warriors)

My Friend's Hellsing Story (Deleted)

My friend wrote this, read to find out 'cuz I'm confused. Rated M because I don't know where she'll go with the story. I've never read Hellsing so, DON'T BLAME ANY STORY STRAYING ON ME! All credit goes to my Friend McKenna! (Hellsing)

Bring Him Home
My name is Peeta Mellark, I am 17 years old and am in the 74th Hunger Games. My wife is my mentor as she was the winner from the last games. I have to get back to her, I have to win. For her and our child. (Hunger Games)


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