11/21/2012 16:22

Hey guys, so I am fully aware that this is really super duper late, but I've been having alot of internet/computer difficulties, that I'd rather not elaborate on.



was sososososososososo awesome!! For those of you who havent seen it, I'll make sure that I put a spoiler alert line when it comes to that. I mean seriously, I was so entranced with the movie that I forgot to eat my candy, really, like I ate it during the beginning and ending credits, and maybe a peice or two every 30 minutes of the movie. But one thing I did was drink when it came to a certain event *cough, cough*, I'm so incredibly serious like, I drank my entire medium sized (movie theatre mediums - the one that if you where at a resturaunt would be called extra large) blue raspberry ICEE within maybe a 30 minute time frame (I had to pee really bad afterwards).

Also, I wanted to say - I am not doing any "of the weeks" this week due to the holidays and everything.

Now the time that I've been waiting for!!!




oh my gosh!!!

I nearly died when Aro ripped off Carlisle's head! Everybody in the whole theatre literally screamed "WHAT!?!?!". I am so not kidding, then they killed Jasper! Then Seth, Then Leah. To make matters worse - they almost killed EDWARD!!!!! I was totally and completely freaking out! I got a Breaking Dawn Part 2 calender with all of the characters on it, and the one with Carlisle just sends chivers down my spine! Really! All I can picture is Aro holding his head! Can you say eebie jeebies or what? But, In all honesty, I really enjoyed the movie, it was definately the best by far. I enjoy talking to the kids at school about it too. But when the twist came up I'm always like - "Taylor Lautner said that we wouldn't be upset by the twist!" (Ellen show), and then it was a vision, and I'm not kidding the entire theatre just fell into the back of their seats because they had (without realizing it ) been slowly creeping forward and then they let out a huge breath that they didn't realize that they'd been holding. All I could think was: 'OMG!'


c ya,