06/06/2013 16:46

School is out! Technically I get out tomorrow but...that's a giant field trip so it doesn't count! :) I am so so so so so so so so so so sorry! My computer broke so we sent it out to be fixed only to find out that it would cost over $900 to fix. 

(or the money)

So I have to get a new laptop, it's going to cost less to buy a new one. I am really hoping I can get a laptop ASAP because I haven't been able to write or anything - it sucks! So right now I'm using my dad's laptop but he doesn't have microsoft word and google docx is going to figgin' annoy the crap out of me if i have to use it....ugh! So ummmmm yeah. Until then I can only go on the web. His laptop is basically useless it's more of a netbook than a laptop even though it IS actually a yeah...............bye!