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04/22/2014 12:56
Okay...I know...don't hit mw with pebbles (they hurt) 2 NEW stories have been published since I was here last -  Bring Him Home (Hunger Games) Raising The Littles (Twilight)  


08/09/2013 17:26
Hey guys, sorry it's been so long - no I'm not dead. I haven't updated in a while but....sorry! Ummmmm......nothing much to say.........okay  TWILIGHT JOKES! Rosalie Hale was told to find something just as pretty or prettier than herself... she came back with a mirror yahhh thats pretty much...


06/06/2013 16:46
School is out! Technically I get out tomorrow but...that's a giant field trip so it doesn't count! :) I am so so so so so so so so so so sorry! My computer broke so we sent it out to be fixed only to find out that it would cost over $900 to fix.  (or the money) So I have to get a new laptop,...


02/01/2013 23:08
New Story! Forbidden   The vibrations wracked my body. It felt like I was exploding then I heard everyone. Their thoughts were a jumbled mess but if you focused you could hear individual voices with individual sentences and phrases. We were meeting with the Cullens today, discussing the treaty...


01/24/2013 20:00
It feels like it's been such a long time time since I updated here. But today I wanted to tell you guys about the book Beautiful Creatures, which I am currently reading. I highly encourage you to dive into the serise as it is something that I think that you as a twihard may enjoy. It is almost a...


01/09/2013 22:46
we won! we won! we won! yay! Twihards won bast fandom at the people's choice awards! yayz! ~Veronica


01/08/2013 21:43
New Story!!!!!! from the great minds of annabeth137 and edwardandbella4eva a twilight x harry potter story!  Worlds Collide   When Renesmee finds out that she is a witch, she gets sent to Hogwarts. What happens when Renesmee and Hermione’s worlds collide? Collaborated story...


01/05/2013 20:21
So, I now have a community on and so does my friend - FunSizedAuthor, check them out! please *really, really, really, really impressive even Alice would cave pouty face* -edwardandbella4eva


01/02/2013 19:16
Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while but I've been pretty busy... How where your holidays? Mine rocked. I have posted January updates :) enjoy! Aloha!  ~edwardandbella4eva


11/27/2012 17:50
I am no longer going to be doing "of the weeks" because it is so hard to choose and keep track of all the fanfictions that I read. Also, we need to update some links! I now have a figment and tumblr my (writing website - fanfictions and regular stories): on...
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